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Welcome to Urban Beekeeping in Alberta August 24, 2010

Posted by gfsa in The How To's.

Urban Beekeeping has been hitting the news across the globe as urbanites are hitting-up their yards and rooftops with beehives and alternative gardening tactics. In the Province famous for its conservatism, it’s no different. A.B.C- Apiaries and Bees for Communities  is an educational based initiative running out of Calgary which is focused on bringing the beehive home. Through hands on events, like their Bees n’ Seeds Workshops and their Level One Certification Course on Urban Beekeeping , it’s no wonder that there are 27 new beehives within the city of Calgary just this year.

A.B.C. began in the Spring of 2009 when Eliese Watson wanted to take part in Urban Beekeeping and found it difficult to any courses which encouraged urban participation of hobbyists. So, she took the matter in to her own hands, applied and received the Co-operators Youth Sustainability Grant, and began her search for an instructor to teach the courses for her. Through the grant funding and community support. A.B.C. has Certified 80 Level One Beekeepers, Co-op purchased with other hobbyists 30 nucs/boxes of bees from a small scale beekeeper in BC, hosted a guest speaker event with the Calgary Zoo, Presented an educational exhibit at the Calgary Folk Music Festival with the U of C Biological Sciences Program of Entomology, and offered 5 free workshops on beekeeping throughout the city. Have a look at A.B.C’s blog to learn more about where the adventures of Urban beekeeping have taken A.B.C. They are currently working on a video application for the Youth4Sustainability Grant .   Have a look at the videos, and vote for A.B.C’s!

Calgarians have the benefit of legally being able to keep bees in their backyards, and they are taking advantage of it. Beekeeping is a skill and a meditation of the mind and body. Working with bees encourages one to integrate their entire focus on the interconnectivity of community and ecology. By keeping bees, or supporting a neighbour who has bees, you are recognizing your community as a living habitat!

A.B.C has many courses and events coming up, including a year-end hands on event, and this year’s last Level One Beekeeping Certification Course. Have a look at the A.B.C’s website  to learn more about urban beekeeping in Alberta.

Submitted by: Rene Michalak



1. Sandra Gillett - July 2, 2011

I think it’s wonderful that so many people in the city in Calgary are interested in Bees. I understand that there are at least 75 beekeepers in the city. Please remember to provide a water source for your bees. I’m in the process of selling my house and just had bees show up in my bird bath. I contacted the Alberta Beekeepers Association and he has told what what I need to do to get rid of them. Hopefully this will inspire up coming beekeepers to be responsible and provide the water source that is needed.

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