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Edmonton High School Creates Perennial Food Forest October 26, 2010

Posted by gfsa in Countdown to P2S, The How To's.

wpid-IMG_6438-2010-05-19-19-41.jpgSince February, I have been fortunate enough to work with students at Jasper Place High School to create a perennial food forest system in the school’s largest courtyard.  Containing more than seventy different edible perennial herb species, the garden is not dependant on outside human care; of particular importance for summer holidays.  As the system was designed with a forest in mind, the garden does not depend on watering, fertilizing, tilling, or chemical application.  What’s more, is that because the system is perennial by nature, it will not require yearly cultivation and has the potential to continue surviving on it’s own without human intervention.

Creating self-regulating perennial systems, susa as the one found at Jasper Place, was originally conceived by permaculture founder Bill Mollison in the sevenites.  By observing patterns and principles commont to ecology, Mollison began experimenting with design strategies that care for both people and the ecological systems that sustain them.  Since its inception, permaculture has branched into a diverse number of applications; from urban agriculture, to community and city planning, land reclamation, financial systems, social networks, and now education.

In an educational context, permaculture emphasizes creating an open learning enviroment with a focus on connecting curriculum with students interests and community needs in a multi-disciplinary approach.  It is my hope, that in addition to providing positive examples of conscious design, food security, and ecological restoration, a permaculture program can act as a cross-curricular linking point between education departments and the wider community.

For a complete record of permaculture at Jasper Place High School, check out the program’s blog: http://permaculture.jasperplace.ca/

If you have Facebook, make sure to join the JP Permaculture page: http://www.facebook.com/Permaculture.School

You can also follow us on Twitter at JP_Permaculture.

Submitted by Dustin Bajer, Edmonton, AB



1. Rocky Feroe - October 28, 2010

What better place to plant the seeds of permaculture strategies than in a high School. Nicely Done Justin.

2. Pamela Gottselig - December 1, 2010

This is a fantastic project… life giving and real!
I can’t wait to visit the site and the people who made it happen to help me with ideas for a sustainable food youth education program that I am developing. Thank you!

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