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The kids are cooking in Lloydminster! January 19, 2011

Posted by gfsa in Community Stories, Countdown to P2S.

I remember being a kid and standing on a kitchen chair, making a beard out of bubbles in the sink, and helping with dishes after family meals. Or carrying burned French toast up to my parent’s room and spilling juice the whole way up the stairs to bring them breakfast in bed on their anniversary. Spending time in the kitchen or gathered around the dinner table are some of my most cherished memories from growing up.

A lot of kids today don’t have these types of memories. Families are eating together less, and many kids and young adults never have a chance to learn how to cook with their parents. It’s kind of scary to think that the next generations to come will be eating highly processed convenience foods every meal of the day. So, what can we do about it? Get those kids cooking!

Midwest Food Resource Project offers a program calledKids in the Kitchen. We usually partner with schools in the different communities that we work in. We have 6 kids in each group, and they do 3 weeks of baking and 3 weeks of cooking. There is an emphasis on healthy food choices, and we teach them about food preparation and food safety. They prepare enough food to take home for their families to try. It is so wonderful to see their beaming faces as they describe how much their parents and siblings enjoyed their supper! Many of these kids spend more time helping out at supper time after being in the groups. A lot of them will also try new foods if they have helped to prepare them.

It is so important to get kids excited about preparing foods at a young age. This is one life skill that is worth preserving. These children will grow up to be adults who can cook healthy foods for their families, and keep passing the skills along. Kids who don’t eat right turn into adults who don’t eat right! Let’s get them on the right track from the start. Today, help a kid learn to cook or eat supper with some friends and family. Let’s make some memories to cherish with the next generations.

Submitted by: Bekki Bonsan, Midwest Food Resources, Lloydminster, AB



1. mary joe - February 11, 2011

why not teach kids “uncooking” or raw food preparation, which has way more nutrition than cooked food

Bekki - February 14, 2011

Hi Mary Joe! Thanks for reading our blog. I appreciate you making a suggestion for our groups. We do some raw foods with the groups (like salads or sandwiches). The reason we don’t focus specifically on one type of food preperation is because the children in the groups choose the recipes. Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

2. Rhonda - June 27, 2012

Is this still available in Lloydminster and what are the ages that kids have to be

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