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Earthbox Kids Project Alberta March 3, 2011

Posted by gfsa in Community Stories.

In 2009 Alberta Agriculture with Growing Forward funds started the EarthBox® Kids project.  An EarthBox® is a scientifically engineered gardening kit which comes with a specialized aeration screen and watering system allowing for excellent yields with less water, less fertilizer and less work. This system works perfect for the school setting for both outdoor and indoor growing.

Last spring over 12 schools in Alberta, from Kindergarten up to high school used EarthBoxes® in conjunction with school curriculums and subjects like plant science, weather, math, health, food security, and water/soil conservation.   Some schools are also growing fresh herbs and vegetables indoors and using them in school cafeterias. There are another 30 schools that will be joining the program this winter and coming spring.  

EarthBox ® garden education improves the quality of life for students by raising

their awareness of how food and health are connected.  Gardening increases the access children have to growing, preparing and eating tasty fruits and vegetables. Most importantly, the program promotes the development of healthy eating habits to children, families and the community.

 “We had enough carrots to send carrot sticks around the whole school along with a bumper crop of cherry tomatoes for all the students to try. The second ‘wave’ of veggies for the school was another round of cherry tomatoes (red ones and also yellow pear tomatoes), green pepper strips and leaf lettuce for all! We’re trying to eat a rainbow!!!” Teacher in Lethbridge

For more information please contact: Shirzad.chunara@gov.ab.ca



1. SherryGreens - March 3, 2011

Interesting, I just read a post on the The Way We Green City of Edmonton site (http://thewaywegreen.ca/2011/03/01/skillcentre/) that indicated that a highschool culinary program was also using the Earthboxes in Edmonton, as part of their “Farm to Table” course. So exciting! I went to the Earthbox website, and was disappointed to learn that they don’t ship outside of the US. Do you know how these people got their hands on them? It sounds like such an innovative product, perfect for rooftop and patio gardens and for those who don’t have a lot of space…

Shirzad Chunara - March 3, 2011

Hello there.
Through special Growing Forward Funding, we here at Alberta Ag were able to get Jared the EarthBoxes for his program. Greenland Garden Centre in Sherwood Park Alberta is the National Distributor for all the EarthBox supplies. They will be doing a public EarthBox workshop on April 9th at 11am. Give them a call if you are interested (780 467-7557). Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

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