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Garlic Planting at Steel Pony Farm October 19, 2011

Posted by gfsa in Community Stories.

This past Saturday (October 15th) a group of people got together to do some garlic planting at Steel Pony Farm. This was a root day according to the StellaNatura, and so I decided that it would be a good day to get out there and plant garlic. 17 of us planted almost 1700 cloves of garlic. After planting, we watered and mulched the garlic with some straw I purchased from Kris Vester at BlueMountain Biodynamic Farm by Carstairs.

Last year about this time, garlic was the very first crop seeded on Steel Pony Farm. This year, the garlic is the last crop that I will seed this year; from now until early May the field will go dormant, and garlic will be the first thing to grow up in the spring. It’s really a crop that measures the passing of time.

So 1700 cloves is quite a lot, and I’m looking forward to having a good quantity of garlic for next year. Last year we did about 1000 cloves, but a little bit less than half of those were from bad seed stock and so didn’t end up  making very good bulbs. This year I planted seeds that I had saved from the good part of last year’s crop, and so I’m pretty confident that we’ll get some amazing garlic for 2012.

Submitted by Mike Kozlowski – Steel Pony Farm



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