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Personal Food Journey

Over the years GFSA has had the opportunity to meet and talk to many people about food in their communities.  Through these conversations and discussions we began to realize just how personal food can be.  We noticed that it is important and meaningful to people in vastly different ways.   Some of us are focused on the very basic necessity of accessing food because we are challenged by financial, physical, or time  barriers.  Others are concerned about the quality of their food including  where it was grown, who produced or prepared it, and nutrition.  Still others are focused on environmental impacts of our food and food system and what can be done on a personal, community, and global level to minimize the concerns.  

As we think about food, no matter what our focus, the process of asking questions and seeking answers leads us on our Personal Food Journey.  Wherever you are on that journey is the right place for you.  GFSA wants to celebrate that journey with you.  The more interested we are in our food, the more we ask questions, the more we seek solutions the better our food and food system will be.  We hope this blog will inspire you to move along in new and fun ways, and look forward to hearing about your experiences.   Lets learn and grow together!

Comments?  We want to know what you think and welcome your comments.  Please note that all comments are moderated, so please ensure your comments are civil and relevant to the topic.  Offensive or defamatory comments will not be posted.



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